The course will teach students the fundamentals of the motors commonly used and their control. Together with hands-on demonstration and practice, the student will leave the course with the knowledge and confidence to successfully wire motors and controllers. Course topics covered include:

  • Description of devices used to control a motor – pushbuttons, relays, starters, overload protection
  • General principles of motor control, one-line power diagrams, schematics, basic code requirements (NEC Article 430)
  • Introduction to motors – single phase and three phase for low and high voltage
  • Basic wiring of motors and controls – manual start-stop, forward-reverse, wye-delta start
  • Automatic controls – pressure switches, temperature sensors, floats, limit switches
  • Application of controls – fire and jockey pumps, circulators, sump pumps, boiler pumps, HVAC

Motor Control is a 30 hour course. Students will meet for ten - 3 hour sessions. 

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